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An Expert of High-Quality Baby Care and Thermometer Products - Kenhealth

Channel Years Creative Co., LTD, since 1995, is specialized in thermometer and health care product which mainly selling in pharmacy chain stores and medical promotion. Beside a series of forehead thermometer and bath thermometer, Kenhealth also develops baby nasal aspirator and medicine dispenser to new parents.

Passed CE and FDA approval with ISO13485 certified management, Kenhealth provides baby care items such as baby nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, forehead thermometer, baby feeding products and bath thermometer.

Both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience in baby care product Industry, Kenhealth ensures each customer's demands are met.

Service Process

1. Inquiry: Customers inquire about product related matters such as minimum order quantity, product specification.

2. Quotation: Promptly respond to customer inquiries and provide customers with a formal quotation after confirming the product name, models, quantity, delivery time, payment method, packaging specification.

3. Purchase Order Confirmed: After negotiations, a formal purchase order received from customer.

4. Proforma Invoice Confirmed: After receiving the purchase order from customer, prepare the proforma invoice to customer for confirmation with signature.

5. Deposit Payment Arranged: Inform and request the customer to arrange deposit payment within one week after the proforma invoice is confirmed.

6. Sampling After Deposit Payment Confirmed: Proceed with sampling and raw material purchase after receiving the deposit payment.

7. Sample Confirmed: Send the sample to the customer for confirmation.

8. Incoming Quality Control After Sample Confirmation: After the customer confirms the sample, the comprehensive raw material quality inspection will be conducted to ensure the product quality.

9. Mass Production: After the raw material quality confirmation, proceed to mass production after confirming with productive department for delivery time.

10. Quality Inspection: If customers themselves or designated inspection personnel come to the factory for inspection, we should make an appointment with customer one week earlier before delivery time to ensure that inspections are scheduled and the factory is notified after the inspection time is confirmed.

11. Shipping Arrangement: Inform customer of shipping order, including vessel & voyage, estimated time of departure, estimated time of arrival, goods, quantity and total amount.

12. Document Preparation: Prepare the related documents, such as packing list and commercial invoice.

13. Balance Payment Arranged: Inform and request the customer to arrange balance payment before shipment.

14. Original Document Delivery: After the balance payment is confirmed, sending the original documents to the customer before shipment arrives.