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High-Quality Medical Protection Products | CE & FDA Approved

Kenhealth, established in 1995, specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality baby care and thermometer products. The company offers a diverse range of items including Medical Protection Products, baby nasal aspirators, liquid medicine dispensers, baby bath thermometers, forehead and ear thermometers, strip thermometers, and microtome blades. All products are developed under stringent quality control, meeting CE, FDA, and ISO 13485 certifications. Kenhealth’s commitment to innovation and safety is evident in their comprehensive OEM and ODM services, catering to the unique needs of global B2B clients. This ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds market expectations in terms of safety, reliability, and effectiveness. With a focus on advancing infant healthcare, Kenhealth is a trusted partner in delivering superior baby care solutions.

Kenhealth ensures every product meets stringent international safety and quality standards. Leveraging advanced technology and skilled craftsmanship, Kenhealth provides consistent, reliable products. Their robust OEM/ODM services offer tailored solutions for global B2B clients, enhancing their reputation as a trusted partner in infant healthcare. Kenhealth's commitment to quality and innovation guarantees exceptional performance, safety, and customer satisfaction, solidifying their mission to improve infant health and well-being globally.

Kenhealth has been providing reliable infant care products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

Medical Protection Products

Medical Protection Products

Personal daily use to Epidemic prevention products
Personal daily use to Epidemic prevention products

High quality products with CE & FDA approved.
Taiwan manufactured protective products, such as protective coverall, Face Mask, 3-layer Medical Mask.
From personal dailyf use to hospital Isolation room, capable of protect against harmless envirnment, infection diseases.

Protective Coverall
1. Hooded design: Protective cap design, design effective dustproof cap mouth, blocking dust and microorganism
2. Zipper design: Smooth zipper with zipper flap, design simple and easy, put on and take of easily
3. Elastic cuffs: Elastic bands on hood, sleeve openings, and leg openings work more easily
4. Between the waist tightening: Meet the demand of different employees figure
5. An effective barrier against blood, body fluids and infective agents
6. Breathable to work efficiently

Face Shield (Protective isolation mask)
1. Brand new upgrade, all aspects of epidemic prevention
2. The foam is white sterile, highly elastic and soft
3. Comfortable to wear for a long time without head pressure
4. Anti-UV 400
5. Easy cleaning
6. Anti-fog treatment on lens
7. Suitable for various environments
8. Transparent without color difference
9. Can be used as mask to prevent the liquid from overlowing
10. CE, EN1661 and ANSI Z87.1 certificates

Medical anti-fog goggles
1. Anti-fogging function, no fog when wearing a mask
2. Impact-resistant and explosion-proof lenses with CE certification
3. ANZI Z87.1 certificate and European EN1661
4. Windproof, dustproof and anti-ultraviolet
5. Scratch resistant and medical level
6. Anti-spatter, also ideal for people who wear glasses

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