Will user taste the mucus when using a mouth-suction nasal suction device? | High-Quality Medical Protection Gear | CE & FDA Certified Products

Will user taste the mucus when using a mouth-suction nasal suction device? | Reliable Infant Care Products - Global Shipping

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Will user taste the mucus when using a mouth-suction nasal suction device? | Reliable Baby Nasal Aspirators | Safe & Effective Solutions

Kenhealth is a reputable manufacturer based in Taiwan that has been offering a comprehensive range of high quality baby care products since 1995. With a strong focus on thermometers and baby healthcare products such as nasal aspirators and liquid medicine dispensers, Kenhealth upholds the highest standards with CE, FDA approvals and ISO 13485 certification. Their proven expertise in OEM/ODM services enhances their appeal to global B2B markets, delivering customized, reliable solutions for infant care. With a focus on innovation and safety, Kenhealth is your trusted partner in baby care manufacturing.

Kenhealth is dedicated to providing baby care products that adhere to the highest international standards. Their products, such as baby nasal aspirators, thermometers, and liquid medicine dispensers, are all CE and FDA approved and ISO 13485 certified. This commitment to quality and safety is complemented by their robust OEM/ODM capabilities, allowing them to deliver customized, reliable products to clients worldwide.

Kenhealth has been providing reliable infant care products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

Will user taste the mucus when using a mouth-suction nasal suction device?

No, our nasal suction device has a unique anti-nasal reflux design, there is a valve device in the suction nosepiece, users can feel worry-free for using it.


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    Our BN303 nasal aspirator is made of food graded materials and popular among many countries, the nasal aspirator will be ideal device to remove mucus inside nasal cavity.The materials for mouth piece, nose tip and tube of nasal aspirator are all soft silicone, the user doesn't have to enter baby's nose with tube. With circular-designed nose tip, the user won't go too deep and hurt baby''s cavity, the design fits baby's nostril perfectly.The nasal aspirator won't take up too much space as the nasal aspirator itself is lightweight, small in size. Besides, it is easy to operate so that the user can easily get started. Nasal aspirator comes with a storage box, allowing users to easily accommodate and carry out, safe and hygienic.In order to help baby clean the mucus thoroughly without remaining secretion, the user can adjust the strength of the suction manually. In addition, each component of the nasal aspirator can be dissembled separately so that the nasal aspirator can be thoroughly cleaned.To avoid the concern of sucking the mucus during aspiration, the nasal aspirator is equipped with anti-backflow device to prevent the snots from entering the tube, which is comfortable and safe.The nasal aspirator is made of transparent silicone, it can be clearly seen whether the mucus shows an abnormal color so that the user is able to look after the baby's health status. Due to the design of the soft silicone, it is more environmental friendly and safe.

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    The Manual baby nasal aspirator can be mass-produced according to customer needs, and OEM or ODM cooperation is welcome. We can print customer's trademark, but additional fees and printing fees are required. The user manual and color card can also be customized by brand and language. The nasal aspirator has passed CE, FDA, and other certifications. Spain, Poland, Israel, Malaysia, Chile, and other countries have been monopolized. We have sold our product manual nasal aspirators to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We have many experiences working with clients from Southeast Asia, North America, and Central and South America. MOQ for OEM usually requires at least 5,000pcs or more to match the printed trademark or package. If even the color of the Manual nasal aspirator itself needs to be changed, it needs at least 10,000pcs before it can be made in the color specified by the customer. We will first provide a quotation and evaluate the customer's trademark and packaging design before making a final quotation. The current delivery takes about 100-120 days.