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Safe Baby Bath Thermometer

Baby bath thermometer

The excellent thermometer tool for preparing the right bath temperature, bring safe and bath fun for babies.
The excellent thermometer tool for preparing the right bath temperature, bring safe and bath fun for babies.

These are selection baby bath thermometer for showing great and safe bathtub time. Please do not use your hand back to measure the temperature, let our safe baby bath thermometer to be great helper, as the human skin temperature sometimes high and sometimes low,the baby does not necessarily like the water temperature you think ok.
Of course, we must first add a cold shower and then heat the water, to prevent the baby from being scorched.
This bath thermometer can promptly remind you of the water temperature, to avoid danger!

The baby is most likely to catch cold when bathing.
How to make bath time safe and fun, simply place the product in the bathtub and monitor the bath water temperature at any time to prevent the baby from being scalded with hot water. Our lovely modelling, it is the best playmate when bathing babies.
All series of products have undergone double certification in accordance with ISO international EU standards, safety and quality are guaranteed.
In addition, the fashionable and lovely design that is more popular and deeply loved by all.
At the same time, it is also parents' favorite home care product for their baby's bath time.

The baby bathing water temperature is recommended to control at 37 to 40 degrees Celsius
If the LED light glowed green, the representative temperature is equal to or lowers than the preset temperature 32 degrees Celsius.
If the LED lights flash with red, the representative temperature is equal to or higher than the preset temperature of 39 degrees C.
The yellow duckling is lovely in shape and is the best playmate for baby bathing. It can also be placed in the room or living room to monitor the temperature in the room.

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