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Baby Medicine Feeder

Anti-Choke Design Medicine Feeder

Pacifier-type medicine dispenser with anti-choke design is a good helper for feeding baby with medicine.
Pacifier-type medicine dispenser with anti-choke design is a good helper for feeding baby with medicine.

The syringe type medicine dispenser with pacifier designed nozzle fits the structure of the infant's oral cavity, which can reduce the troubles when the baby takes the medicine.

The medicine is sucked into the medicine dispenser. Since the nozzle has anti-choke design, the medicine will be injected into the baby's mouth and slowly go into the esophagus to make the efficacy of the medicine. With this design, the baby will not have a vomiting or choking feeling. It makes the users easier and more convenient to feed the baby with medicine to achieve better results.

The nozzle is made of food-grade silicone and will not harm the baby's mouth. The complete disassembly design allows the user to clean thoroughly and not leave the medicine. This medicine dispenser can not only feed medicine, but also can be used as a tool for feeding the baby more than 4 months with food , such as fruit mud or liquid food .

The medicine dispenser can be disassembled so that the medicine dispenser can be cleaned thoroughly, safe and hygienic.

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