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Thermometer Sticker & Card | 2024’s Top Baby Bath Thermometers: Ensuring Perfect Bath Temperature

Kenhealth is a reputable manufacturer based in Taiwan that has been offering a comprehensive range of high quality baby care products since 1995. With a strong focus on thermometers and baby healthcare products such as Thermometer Sticker & Card, nasal aspirators and liquid medicine dispensers, Kenhealth upholds the highest standards with CE, FDA approvals and ISO 13485 certification. Their proven expertise in OEM/ODM services enhances their appeal to global B2B markets, delivering customized, reliable solutions for infant care. With a focus on innovation and safety, Kenhealth is your trusted partner in baby care manufacturing.

Kenhealth manufactures baby nasal aspirators, liquid medication dispensers and a range of thermometers including baby bath, forehead, ear and strip models. With a commitment to safety and innovation, Kenhealth meets international standards such as CE, FDA and ISO 13485. They offer comprehensive OEM/ODM services, ensuring their products are a top choice for the global B2B medical and healthcare markets.

Kenhealth has been providing reliable infant care products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

Thermometer Sticker & Card

Quickly read temperature for a comfortable environment.
Quickly read temperature for a comfortable environment.

Subverting the seamless hook design, combined with the temperature display, allows you to easily and quickly read the temperature. It not only can the object be hung on the hook to save space , but also to control the comfortable environment.

The weather changes rapidly recently, it's often too cold or overheating without knowing it, especially the baby can't express it. Adults and children feel different temperatures, which causes colds or degenerative diseases. Now with this versatile seamless hook thermometer, you can easily control the temperature changes so that the baby is in the most comfortable environment. Cute design can be used as decoration, practical and beautiful.

The seamless hook features:
1. Special Adhesive: More stable than the commercially available non-marking adhesive. It can be re-applied to the wall, smooth and dry surface, leaving no residue, potholes and damage to the wall.
2. Repeated Use: Washable with water when dirty, repeated adhesive and more environmental friendly.
3. Feel Free to Hang: You can attach it to the mounting surface with sticker.
4. Patent Design Hook: The hook load can reach 2 kg.
5. Thermometer Sticker: Allows you to easily control the indoor temperature. The most comfortable temperature for a bay in the room is about 24 to 27 degrees. You can adjust the strength of the indoor air conditioner according to the temperature display to keep the indoors in the most comfortable environment.

The principle of measuring the temperature of the door thermometer is based on the principle of liquid crystal color change, that is, the liquid crystal changes the liquid crystal shape according to the temperature conversion, and displays different color changes.

It avoids the danger that the traditional mercury thermometer is easy to cause glass breakage and mercury poisoning. It has the advantage of safety, environmental protection, practicality and low cost. Door thermometer is easy to read , intuitive , convenient and can be reused.

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