2016 Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo | Electronic Thermometer for Children: Precision and Safety

2016 Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo | Waterproof bath thermometer for infants

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2016 Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo | Top Baby Nasal Aspirator: Keep Your Infant Comfortable

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2016 Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo

2016/11/25 Kenhealth

2016 Indonesian infant child supplies and toys exhibition IMBEX opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. As one of the most important the infant child exhibition in Indonesia. The Indonesia Baby Products Fair has been held since 2009 and has been successfully held for 7 sessions.

It has become an important bridge for baby products to enter the market from Indonesia to Southeast Asia, providing the brand with a platform for zero distance communication with Indonesian consumers.

2016 Indonesia International Toys & Kids Expo