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Based in Taiwan since 1995, Channel Years Creative Co., LTD is a manufacturer of baby and adult healthcare products. It's main CE and FDA approved healthcare products include, Fever Cooler & Pain Relief Pack, Baby Nasal Aspirators, Liquid Medicine Dispensers, Baby Bath Thermometers, Forehead and Ear Thermometers, Strip Thermometers, and Microtome Blades, all adhering to CE, FDA, and ISO13485 standards, and have been embracing innovation and quality in OEM/ODM medical healthcare manufacturing. Kenhealth is a trusted name in OEM and ODM services, known for its commitment to excellence in healthcare and global market presence.

Kenhealth has a long history of international trade, including long-term cooperation with Japanese and other international customers in various product categories, and has established a significant presence in pharmacy chains and medical promotions, focusing on the needs of new parents and healthcare providers.

Kenhealth has been providing quality and diversity in medical product manufacturing, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures that each customer's demands are met.

Fever Cooler & Pain Relief Pack

Body temperature cooling

Help parents to make their baby grow up healthily and securely.
Help parents to make their baby grow up healthily and securely.

The cold pack can be used to reduce the surface temperature and internal pressure. In order to effectively avoid the occurrence of burning infant accidents caused by high food temperature, it has completely solved the problem that the feeding temperature for infants and young children has been difficult to accurately control the temperature with the back of the hand and the mouth, and the bacterial infection caused by mouth.

A child's fever is the most common problem for parents . And it is also the most worrying question for parents about how to physically cool down the fever. The fever cooler can replace the ice pillow and towel, etc., and it's applied to the forehead, cheeks swollen skin and other parts to be cooled. When high fever is occurred , it's better to the arterial part of the armpit, neck or foot as well as headache, toothache and skin after exercise. There is no need to cool the fever cooler. It can be used immediately by family member who has a fever. It's very convenient and it absorbs the heat through the moisture contained in the patch. And it dissipates the heat to obtain a certain cooling effect. In addition, hot and cold pack has the same function. It can reduce fever, relieve pain ,local swelling and sprains. As a result, it's one of the family's essential care products.

  • Fever Cooler - Replace the ice pillow and the towel to bring down the fever.
    Fever Cooler

    The fever cooler is a kind of patch that uses the international popular TDDS technology to make water and medicine penetrate into the skin and then achieve the effect of lowering body temperature through the physical change of water vaporization endothermic. It belongs to physical cooling products. It has the characteristics of high fever emergency, safely bringing down the fever, rapid cooling and massive protection. As a result, it is widely used in children with cold and fever. The fever cooler can replace the ice pillow, the water towel, etc., Also, it's applied to the forehead , cheeks, swollen skin and other parts to be cool down. The arterial parts of armpit, neck or foot are ideal to bring the fever down when high fever occurred The fever cooler is also suitable for headache, toothache and skin after exercise There is no need to cool the fever cooler. It's convenient and can be used immediately when any family member has fever.It absorbs heat through the moisture contained in the patch, and then dissipates the heat to obtain the certain cooling effect. Fever cooler is capable of cooling down the body temperature, refreshing and soothing fatigue. No side effects, safe and reliable. It's drug-free, safe and easy to use. It can be used by children and adults. The biggest role of fever cooler is to protect the brain, which should be more important for infants and young children. Because the child's brain development is incomplete, long-term fever can damage the brain nerves and cause convulsions and coma in children. In severe cases, it may cause cerebral palsy. The fever cooler an protect the brain effectively when children who have just start having a fever.The features of fever cooler are: 1. Tightly attached to the forehead or skin surface, even it won't fall off when turning over or in physical activity. 2. The cooling effect will last about 10 hours for each fever cooler. 3. The moisture in the fever cooler absorbs heat through the moisture contained in the patch, and then dissipates the heat to obtain the certain cooling effect. 4. The fever cooler uses a water-soluble polymer base which is mild to the skin. 5. It doesn't contain fragrance. The fever cooler is available in two sizes, adult and child.

  • Hot & Cold Pain Relief Pack - Hot and cold pack, soothing the discomfort caused by pain.
    Hot & Cold Pain Relief Pack
    Reusable cooling pads

    The hot & cold pain relief pack can be reused, replacing the one-time use hand warmer, and also can be cold pack, which is not only environmental friendly but also saves money. It's an essential care product for the family. Modern medicine is increasingly advocating cold and hot compress therapy, can make the surface of the human body cold and cause vasoconstriction, reduce the painful substances and control alleviating symptoms. The hot compress is to increase the surface temperature of the human body and then expand the blood vessels to increase the blood flow to improve the microcirculation and achieve the purpose of reducing symptoms and accelerating recovery. The effect of ice pack: The low temperature of ice can reduce the blood vessels and the metabolic rate, so as to reduce the pain or relieve the symptoms of inflammation. Therefore, sprain, toothache, trauma, hemostasis, heatstroke, fever, itching, burns, fatigue, headache. The ice pack can relieve pain and relieve symptoms through ice.The effect of hot compress: hot compress is different, hot compress can increase the temperature of the skin surface, make the blood vessels dilate and increase blood flow and reduce pain. Therefore, the hot compresses is suitable for muscle soreness, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, physiological pain, neuralgia, etc., Also, it can eliminates the trouble of preparing hot towels. The hot and cold pain relief pack can relieve the discomfort of breastfeeding during breastfeeding. It's the best substitute for hot towel to solve the trouble of hot towel for mother. The unique design perfectly fits your breasts and it's reusable and can be used as hot and cold pack. It reduces the risk of inflammation and mammary gland clogging, and alleviating the pain caused by feeding. It sooths heat to stimulate breast milk flow, dredge the breast and help solve the problem of breast swelling before feeding. It can also be used with manual / electric breast pumps.Cold Therapy: Relieves congestion, Swelling and pain. Heat Treatment: Relieve mastitis, Blocked catheter.