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Breast Pump

Breast milk collector

Help mom collect breast milk to feed baby.
Help mom collect breast milk to feed baby.

Babyfeast breast pump is designed for all new mums’ different needs. A good breast pump can successfully squeeze the breast milk out of the mother's breasts, help the mother collet the breast milk to feed the baby. And the mother who feeds the breast milk also needs the breast pump to squeezes out the excess breast milk from the breast to prevent blockage of the breast. The breast pump can be used to squeezed out the breast milk so that the relatives and friends can feed the baby when the mother wants to go out. Or if the mother needs to rest at night, the breast milk can be squeezed out during the day and let the friends and relatives help the mother feed the baby at night. More and more mothers have chosen to use breast pumps to make the breastfeeding process more scientific and healthy.

Specifically, it has the following features:
1. Ability to preserve breast milk.
2. Stimulate breast milk secretion.
3. Ensure adequate breast milk The breast pump is not only a convenient and healthy tool, but also has some benefits. It can help the mother provide a healthier breast milk for the baby. It can also help women feed the baby with breast scientifically.

The advantages are:
1. Dredge the breast.
2. Control the volume of breast milk.
3. Reduce the injury to the nipples.
4. Relieve the breast swelling.
5. Ensure hygiene.
6. Convenient feeding.

The breast pump can be divided into two types: Manual and Electric Type Breast Pump.
The advantages of the Manual Breast Pump are:
1. Manually automatic operation which can be operated freely without power.
2. You can control the speed and strength of breast pump on your own and operate it to squeeze out the breast milk at any time as you want.

The advantages of the Electric Breast Pump are:
1. Automatic operation to save time and effort.
2. The suction force can be adjusted. When the maximum adjustment is made, the suction force is much better than manual breast pump.
3. The suction strength is the same so that it will not hurt the breast like the baby sucks.
4. Sutiable size for carrying out.

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