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Thermometer for Milk Bottle

Milk temperature monitoring

Measure the milk temperature at any time to avoid burning the baby.
Measure the milk temperature at any time to avoid burning the baby.

Thermometer for milk bottle can help new parents to give the right temperature milk to their babies.

The thermometer for the milk bottle can effectively solve the problem that the mothers have difficulty controlling the water temperature for milk. It's specially designed to match the baby milk bottle design. It adopts advanced liquid crystal temperature measuring technology which has high stability, easy operation, easy to carry, safe and environmental friendly. It avoids the damage caused by glass breakage and mercury poisoning compared to traditional thermometers.

The suitable temperature for feeding is according to the displayed data (the suitable temperature of milk (which is easier to dissolve) is about 70°C, and the suitable temperature for feeding is about 40°C). It's easy to read and convenient to observe the temperature. Therefore, it's the best helper of the mother.

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