2018 Hong Kong Baby Product Fair

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Based in Taiwan since 1995, Channel Years Creative Co., LTD is a thermometer and health care products manufacturer. Main products, including Baby Nasal Aspirator, Liquid Medicine Dispenser, Baby Bath Thermometer, Forehead and Ear Thermometer and Strip Thermometer. Beside a series of forehead thermometer and bath thermometer, Kenhealth also develops baby nasal aspirator and medicine dispenser to new parents.

Channel Years Creative Co. Ltd is established in 1995. Its brand Kenhealth is a group to collect partners including products R&D team and manufacturers specialized in baby care items. The future mission for us will keep focusing on developing new item of healthcare and baby care items to make life better.

Passed CE and FDA approval with ISO13485 certified management, Kenhealth provides baby care items such as baby nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, forehead thermometer, baby feeding products and bath thermometer.

Kenhealth has been providing high-quality baby care and thermometer products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures each customer's demands are met.

2018 Hong Kong Baby Product Fair

2018/01/08 Kenhealth

Hong Kong Baby Products Fair is a large-scale baby products exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It is held annually at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This brand new trade fair is derived from the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair (Asia's largest and second largest toy show in the world).

The first exhibition was held in January 2010 and brought together more than 300 exhibitors. Exhibition attracted about 30000 buyers in 2018, with more than 530 exhibitors to negotiate business.

2018 Hong Kong Baby Product Fair
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  • Nasal Aspirator Bean Style - Due to unique design of bean-shaped collection cup, the nasal aspirator is designed ergonomically to hold by user to get started easily.
    Nasal Aspirator Bean Style

    The materials for mouth piece, nose tip and tube of nasal aspirator are all soft silicone, the user does not have to enter baby's nose with tube but circular-designed nose tip.With circular-designed nose tip, the user won't go too deep into baby's nose to hurt baby's nose cavity when baby's moving due to the design fits baby's nostril perfectly.In order to help baby clean the mucus thoroughly without remaining secretion, the user can adjust the strength of the suction manually. To avoid the concern of sucking the mucus during aspiration, the nasal aspirator is equipped with anti-backflow device to prevent the snots from entering the tube, which is comfortable and safe.Nasal aspirator comes with a storage box, allowing users to easily accommodate and carry out, safe and hygienic. In addition, each component of the nasal aspirator can be dissembled separately so that the nasal aspirator can be thoroughly cleaned.The nasal aspirator is made of transparent silicone, so it can be clearly seen whether the mucus shows an abnormal color so that the user is able to look after the baby's health status. Due to the design of the soft silicone, it is more environmentally friendly and safe.The nasal aspirator won't take up too much space as the nasal aspirator itself is lightweight, small in size. Besides, it is easy to operate so that the user can easily get started.

  • Dual-Feed Breast Pump - Help mom collect breast milk to feed baby.
    Dual-Feed Breast Pump

    The so-called workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools. A good breast pump can successfully squeeze the breast milk out of the mother's breasts, help the mother collet the breast milk to feed the baby. And the mother who feeds the breast milk also needs the breast pump to squeezes out the excess breast milk from the breast to prevent blockage of the breast. The breast pump can be used to squeezed out the breast milk so that the relatives and friends can feed the baby when the mother wants to go out. Or if the mother needs to rest at night, the breast milk can be squeezed out during the day and let the friends and relatives help the mother feed the baby at nigh.The features of this electric breast pump are: 1. The shape is light and cute, easy to carry. 2. Color LCD screen display makes it easier to use at night. 3. Microcomputer touch button design, precise control without errors. 4. The motor is ultra-quiet design, it will not make a noise when sleeping. 5. Massage cushion design, close to the breast when using, slow down the inability to absorb breast milk, and stimulate the breast to produce milk. 6. Dual breast pump frequency mode selection: massage mode - imitate the baby sucking breast milk by fast and slow, sucking, stopping, putting high frequency and brisk massage to help the breast pass through the milk. Breast pumping mode: low frequency, gentle pressure, and efficient breast pumping. 7. From week to strong, eight-stage suction adjustment, according to personal preference, massage and breast pumping frequency, adjust to the most comfortable suction size. 8. When shutting down, it automatically memorizes the suction section and single-sided breast pumping function (single-sided breast pump type). The next time you use it, you don't need to reset the adjustment again, it is more convenient to use. 9. After three minutes of standby, if there is no use action, it will automatically shut down. Energy saving, power saving and safety. 10. AC power supply, USB mobile power supply and battery can be selected. The power supply won't be interrupted.