Can TN-14 continue to be used after 48 hours?

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Kenhealth Can TN-14 continue to be used after 48 hours? Introduction

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Can TN-14 continue to be used after 48 hours?

You can continue to use it, but since the adhesiveness lasts only about 48 hours, it can continue to be used after 48 hours, but the viscosity will gradually weaken.


  • Fever Patch Sticker - The forehead temperature strip for forehead temperature measurement.
    Fever Patch Sticker

    The temperature on stickers displays with liquid crystal ink and use 3M medical glue. Sensitive skin is also suitable. To measure the temperature of the patient's forehead and underarm, the size of sticker is only 3.6 long and 4.5 wide, which is convenient to take out and use.It is the only kind thermometer has continuous observation and easy use important features. Also with the following characteristics: efficiency, continuity, safety, accuracy, and hygiene.It is fast and convenient to check temperature with our sticker, and its temperature is closer to the mouth temperature than underarm temperature which is close to human body center temperature, and the Celsius temperature is displayed as N (36) - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40. This sticker temperature testing result shows colors (the green is closest temperature) to be read easily. This sticker is design for 48 hours temperature watch use, especially for children who need the most convenient and sustainable observation tool when they have fever.The material of this excellent temperature measurement tool is not like mercury that is made of glass material and contains mercury, it will not cut the patient and it is not contagious like taking oral and anal temperature measurement.The accuracy of the temperature does not depend on the precise difference of 0.1 degrees C. It can reflect the temperature of the body's central body temperature.The liquid crystal thermometer strip has gradually replaced various traditional methods in measuring body temperature that is widely accepted for use. This is a safety product with ISO 13485 and CE certification.OEM or ODM is welcome for this product, which we can accept customized designed according to the customer's favorite designs and printed with customized LOGO. The crystal ink display for temperature can do customized to meet the needs of the clients.