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Based in Taiwan since 1995, Channel Years Creative Co., LTD specializes in manufacturing baby care products like Seamless Hook Products, nasal aspirators, liquid medicine dispensers, and various thermometers (bath, forehead, ear). With ISO 13485 certification, CE, and FDA approvals, they focus on high-quality, safe products for infants, providing reliable OEM/ODM services worldwide, emphasizing quality control and customized packaging solutions for global business buyers.

Kenhealth specializes in baby care, offering products like Baby Nasal Aspirators, Liquid Medicine Dispensers, Baby Bath, Forehead and Ear Thermometers, and Strip Thermometers. Certified for safety and designed with care, these products ensure comfort and precision for infant care. Tailored for global markets with ISO 13485 standards, CE, and FDA approvals, Kenhealth combines quality with innovation to meet caregiver needs, reinforcing its position as a trusted partner in baby health and wellness.

Kenhealth has been providing high quality baby care products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures that each customer's requirements are met.

Seamless Hook Products

Reusable sticky hook

With seamless hook, you don't need to worry about holes in the walls.
With seamless hook, you don't need to worry about holes in the walls.

Seamless waterproof reusable sticky hook for bathroom or kitchen, applicable for smooth wall, glass and mirror.
No more nails when families needed to fix the decorations or shelves on the wall.
In the past, the families had to use nails when they needed to fix the decorations or shelves on the wall. Thus, it will destroy the wall structure. In order to meet the needs of consumers, there are many non-marking hooks on the market, which provide a lot of choices for everyone, and the products can be reused many times. It is a product with environmental protection concept.

The hook is an indispensable tool in our daily life. Among them, the seamless hook is widely favored by consumers. The use of the seamless hook is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also does not cause damage to the wall. Completely improve the defects of suction cups and non-marking hook strip products. It can be easily attached to the surface and installed without any nails, suction cups and complicated installation procedures. It can completely subvert the traditional hook installation and can be reused and arbitrarily removed. Also, it can be decontaminated and reused with simple washing. It's easy to carry and allows you to have ore storage space. Free of tools, glue-free, reused, no residue, no damage to the wall. Wide range of applications and it can hang a variety of household items. The adhesive layer is long-lasting and firm and not easy to fall. Also, it's moisture-proof and without problem to bend. The seamless hook can be stuck firmly in the kitchen and bathroom with high humidity. Play with your creativity and stick it in your way.

With SGS rigorously test, ultra-high load-bearing which can bear 15kg. It doesn't contain heavy metals, cadmium and other toxic substances material. Also, it has may patents. It has the most ingenious design , the most reliable load-bearing and simplest installation, (1) Wipe; (2) Stick; (3) Press; (4) Hang. Simple four-step, nail-free, drill-free, and tool-free DIY installation. It can be easily installed on tiles, glass, acrylic, stainless steel, wood, latex paint and smooth surface of wall, etc. It an be re-adhesive without residue and to be washed to save the money.

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