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Provide OEM and ODM at the same time.

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Kenhealth - An expert of high quality baby care and thermometer products.

Based in Taiwan since 1995, Channel Years Creative Co., LTD is a thermometer and health care products manufacturer. Main products, including Baby Nasal Aspirator, Liquid Medicine Dispenser, Baby Bath Thermometer, Forehead and Ear Thermometer and Strip Thermometer. Beside a series of forehead thermometer and bath thermometer, Kenhealth also develops baby nasal aspirator and medicine dispenser to new parents.

Channel Years Creative Co. Ltd is established in 1995. Its brand Kenhealth is a group to collect partners including products R&D team and manufacturers specialized in baby care items. The future mission for us will keep focusing on developing new item of healthcare and baby care items to make life better.

Passed CE and FDA approval with ISO13485 certified management, Kenhealth provides baby care items such as baby nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, forehead thermometer, baby feeding products and bath thermometer.

Kenhealth has been providing high-quality baby care and thermometer products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures each customer's demands are met.

Company Introduction


Provide OEM and ODM at the same time.
Provide OEM and ODM at the same time.

Kenhealth has been established for over several years, with high reputation for basic health care products suitibal of baby and adult around the world. We provide OEM and ODM at the same time, high quality and a small amount of diversified products to customers to choose.

Kenhealth and the company have accumulated more than twenty years of international trade experience since the establishment of the company. The experience in design, development and quality control, and the concept of sustainable management are related to digital thermometers, ear thermometers and baby care. We are experienced and have integrated service on those products. Health care and commodity items include instant ear thermometers, forehead thermometers, digital thermometer bath thermometers, medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator, forehead thermometer and thermometer series for room and water. All customers are also welcome to provide new product developments, opinions and co-design to develop new products.

The factories of sub-contractors also passed the ISO13485 both in Taiwan and China. Channel Years Creative Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. It was started by a professional industrial designer and two professional sales representatives from international export advertising magazines and online sales. The company has always been helping exporters to develop and market products , also creating many successful business with common ideals. Therefore, we decided to use our expertise and experience to set up Channel Years Creative Co., Ltd.

We have also successively designed and developed desktop mini tripods and simple Ozone and anion air cleaners of care . The company began to go abroad to participate in exhibitions to promote our products. Finally, we opened the business opportunities for exporting to Japan and Europe and the United States. Later, because of the development of a large Parasal Stand, it has begun long-term cooperation with Japan's well-known commodity merchandise mail order and online shopping importers. It has been working with this customer for more than 20 years since 1998. The cooperation products include: foot care ,health care and beauty products for women, family fitness equipment, household cleaning products, home DIY ,wall stickers, gardening tools, various new styles and even daily necessities with patent. Since we have been specialized in design and development of products, we can provide customers with preliminary design, mold and cost estimates based on the market information provided by customers and the need to develop products to find out, and we provide functional models to our customers to test before the mold was determined.

After outsourcing, it returned to our own warehouse to inspect and assemble the packaging. The quality of the goods and the delivery date were well controlled. It won the trust of customers and good sales results and became the purchasing agent in Taiwan on behalf of this customer. Under the long-term cooperation experience with them, we also develop the ability to provide all the customers with a new style of various products and continuous development capabilities. As a result, we can be more competitive in the promotion of European and American markets.

However, because this customer accounted for more than half of our initial business revenue, coupled with the price cuts of mainland manufacturers competing , this customer wanted us to continue to help the mainland to serve as a purchasing agent. After several considerations, we declined the invitation of the customer and decided to stay Taiwan. In order to avoid unnecessary vicious competition with this customer, we set up a second business department and also started to design and develop infant health products to exhibit in Hong Kong and Europe. We successfully opened Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, Southeast Asia, North America and Northeast Asia markets.

As this department mostly took orders for OEMs, it gradually grew steadily over the past seven or eight years. However, it also takes into account that many small customers are only willing to buy a small amount of baby products with good quality, and internet marketing is becoming more and more widespread. In recent years, we have also started to establish our own brand in response to such changes. Besides, most of the foreign customers have named our owner Kenny and even Ken for short when they visited the exhibition booth, they did not clearly remember our Chinese and English company names. Therefore, after our discussion, we decided to exhibit and promote our products under the Kenhealth brand. At the same time, we continue to undertake OEM and ODM, OEM orders. We will also actively advise them to consider using our brand first as they can only buy a small quantity. The Kenhealth brand has started to collaborate in promoting products in their markets. In some small countries, our branded products have already had a strong reputation and market share.