UV Sensor Watch & Card

UV Detective, protection / With 23 years of international trading experience with thermometer OEM / ODM services.

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Based in Taiwan since 1995, Channel Years Creative Co., LTD is a UV Sensor Watch & Card manufacturer. Main products, including Baby Nasal Aspirator, Liquid Medicine Dispenser, Baby Bath Thermometer, Forehead and Ear Thermometer and Strip Thermometer. Beside a series of forehead thermometer and bath thermometer, Kenhealth also develops baby nasal aspirator and medicine dispenser to new parents.

Kenhealth has been established for over 10 years, with high reputation for basic health care products suitable of baby and adult around the world. We provide healthcare product OEM and ODM at the same time, high quality and a small amount of diversified products to customers to choose like baby care, nasal aspirator and so on. Most healthcare products are CE and FDA approval, cooperated factories and sub-contractors also passed the ISO13485 both in Taiwan and China.

Passed CE and FDA approval with ISO13485 certified management, Kenhealth provides baby care items such as baby nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, forehead thermometer, baby feeding products and bath thermometer.

Kenhealth has been providing high-quality baby care and thermometer products, both with advanced technology and 23 years of experience, Kenhealth ensures each customer's demands are met.

UV Sensor Watch & Card

UV Detective, protection

Detect UV intensity to reduce sunburn potential.
Detect UV intensity to reduce sunburn potential.

UV Tester Card is a good reminder to check Ultra Violet levels and is a sensible addition to any summer's day.
Avoid all that discomfort that helps you keep track of those potentially harmful rays.

1. UV tester wristband provide you with a simple sun-sensitive test, through color change alerts you;
2. The central part is made in photosensitive material which changes it is color depending on the intensity of the UV radiation transmitted by the sun;
3. Does not show time,does not need batteries,unisex,is reusable,adjustable to all wrist sizes and waterproof;

  • UV Sensor Watch & Card - Detect UV intensity to reduce sunburn potential.
    UV Sensor Watch & Card
    UV Sensor Watch

    The sun burn preventing tools –UV sensor watch and card that can detect the sun’s rays and warn you if you need to put on more sunscreen, cover up or seek shade. For protecting your skin from harmful UVA or UVB rays, it’s important to use the UV sensor to avoid sunburn or sun allergy. Also to prevent the long-term consequences of having skin problem that caused by damaging UV rays. There are two types of be aware of, first is UVA ages skin cells and leads to wrinkles. Another is UVB rays which have more energy and are responsible for skin cancer. Both UV sensor watch and card are easily to locate and display the level of UV ray with nice pocket-sized and low cost option. Features: *Card changes colors from White to Dark Purple based on the UV ray strength. The chart recommends different SPF sunscreen for best protection. *Plastic card, credit card size, durable and long lasting. Size and design can be customized. *New High Tech, Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly detection material that is printed on the card to measure the UV rays of the sun. *Can be used over and over again. Great handout. Excellent educational handout or promotional item.